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Area Attractions

We are located only two blocks south of the University of Cincinnati Campus; one mile north of the heart of downtown, which includes Fountain Square and Riverfront Stadium; two miles from the Union Terminal Museum Center and Eden Park; and only five minutes from the Cincinnati Zoo.  With so much to do around the Parker House, we've compiled a list of some of the more popular attractions near the mansion. 


          Local Hospitals




                     Other Fun Things

                    * Paul Brown Stadium (2.7 mi)
                   * Great American Ballpark (3.1 mi)
                * U.S. Bank Arena (2.8 mi)
                  * Cincinnati Gardens (7.2 mi)
                      * Krohn Conservatory (2.3 mi)
                   *BB Riverboats (4.1 mi)
                 * Fountain Square (2.1 mi)
                      * Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens (1.5 mi)
                     * Newport Aquarium (4.0 mi)
                  * Showboat Majestic (2.8 mi)
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